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IPFO Night Harry Benson & Ron Beinner

  • Stadttheater Olten (12) Frohburgstrasse 1 4600 Olten Switzerland (Karte)

IPFO proudly presents:

Harry Benson

Commander of the Order of the British Empire and many Awards winning Photographer, New York, US

About the presentation:


Harry began his career on London's Fleet Street and traveled to America photographing the Beatles and never looked back. He has photographed the last 12 US presidents, was next to Senator Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated, marched with Dr. Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement, and has photographed everyone from Winston Churchill to Amy Winehouse. Harry was made a CBE by Queen Elizabeth II and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Center of Photography in 2017. Harry credits his success to Tri X film and by being turned down by the Camera Club when he was in the Royal Air Force.
Harry will show photos from his entire 70 year career-- from Churchill on Fleet Street to 25 years of LIFE Magazine assignments and will talk about his photographs as they are shown. He will have a Q & A after the presentation which will include every US President from Eisenhower to Trump; Robert Kennedy's assassination; Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement; USA for Africa We are the World recording session; the Beatles; Paul McCartney and Wings; celebrities include Andy Warhol, Jack Nicholson, Dolly Parton, The Rolling Stones, The Godfather film, Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana, Frances Bacon, Brad Pitt, Queen Elizabeth II, Frank Sinatra, Truman Capote and Jackie Kennedy.


Scottish born photographer Harry Benson CBE began his career on London’s Fleet Street and was assigned to travel with The Beatles on their first tour of America in February 1964 and never looked back.
He began working for LIFE magazine in 1967 and became its most published photographer during the next 30 years. His photographs have appeared in countless publications including Vanity Fair, French Vogue, Paris Match, Forbes, Town & Country, Architectural Digest, Time, Quest, Fortune, New York Magazine, Newsweek, and The London Sunday Times Magazine.
With over 40 one-man exhibitions and 16 published books, Harry continues to work on new projects including a limited edition signed book on Paul McCartney which will be published in 2020 by TASCHEN.
Harry is the only photographer to have photographed the last 12 U.S. Presidents — from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to President Donald J. Trump.
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Ron Beinner

Photography Producer and Editor who served as Senior Contributing Photography Producer for Vanity Fair magazine for over two decades, Los Angeles, US

About the presentation:

21 years on the road around the globe for Vanity Fair

I'll share the behind the scenes stories --the highs and lows, of how portraits were made on location during my 21 year career as a photography producer for Vanity Fair magazine. We'll travel together in pictures from glamorous days and nights in Hollywood to the terror in New York City during the days after September 11, 2001\. We'll visit the Amazon rainforest, royal palaces in Europe, a revolution in Cairo, musicians in Timbuktu and beyond.

During the keynote I will show layouts of stories of how they appeared with photographs in Vanity Fair during my tenure producing pictures for the magazine on location from 1998- early 2019\. I'll explain how the stories came about through collaborations with editors, writers, subjects and photographers. I will share details of the planning of the pictures and of the actual experience while the pictures were being taken. Some of the pictures were methodical and intricate productions and others were more spontaneous, "show up and hit the ground running situations." Both scenarios presented their own particular challenges as well as wonderful and sometimes astonishing experiences and opportunities to make noted and memorable portraits.


Ron Beinner is a creative consultant, photography producer and editor. He produced environmental portraits on location around the globe for Vanity Fair magazine for over two decades. 
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Ron Beinner
Harry Benson

ORT: 12 - Stadttheater Olten
Frohburgstr. 1, 4600 Olten, Lageplan…
RAUM: Theatersaal
DATUM: Samstag, 31.08.19
BEGINN: 19:30 Uhr
DAUER: ca 2 Stunden
SPRACHE: English

PLACE: 12 -  Stadttheater Olten
Frohburgstr. 1, 4600 Olten, festival locations…
ROOM: Theatersaal, Room 01
DATE: Saturday, August 31th, 2019
START: 7:30 pm
DURATION: approx. 2 h

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