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Samantha Stark

  • Hotel Astoria 15 Hübelistrasse Olten, SO, 4600 Switzerland (map)


Photographers make great video storytellers. They already know how to get close to their subjects, how to anticipate peak action and how to look for light. But what elements do you need to make sure to capture so your footage can be edited into a cinematic story? 

The instructor Samantha Stark has special insight into this - besides being a video storyteller herself, when she first started working at The New York Times five years ago, she was often tasked with editing together footage photographers sent her from the field. This was footage shot by some of the best photographers in the world – yet she noticed the same mistakes over and over that made the footage difficult to edit into a cohesive story.

This seminar will go over the basics of shooting in sequences – the building blocks needed to create the scenes that tell your story, as well as how to get started in video.

Samantha will also go over some popular options of cameras and accessories that are meant to shoot video first, with the audio built in, as well as the basics of micing your subject.

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PLACE: Hotel Astoria, Hubelistrasse 15, Olten
ROOM: Beta/Gamma, 5th floor, Festival-Room 04
DATE: Saturday, August 26th, 2017
START: 17:00 pm
DURATION: 1 hour

CODE: SA_1700_04
PRICE: CHF 35.– (reduced prices when you book a daily or festival pass)