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IPFO Night Cory Richards

  • Stadttheater Olten (12) Frohburgstrasse 1 4600 Olten Switzerland (Karte)

IPFO proudly presents:

Cory Richards

National Geographic Explorer 2012, Photographer & Explorer, climbed Everest's summit solo and with no oxygen in 2016, Colorado, US

About the presentation:


The presentation follows a profoundly honest journey of personal and professional development.  Through examination of decisions made on mountains to marriage to the navigation of global cultures and all relationships in between and the ultimate outcomes there of, this talk interweaves the complexities of our personal stories ultimately arriving at the confluence of our collective similarities. From Everest to Africa, this visual narrative illuminates our connectedness through unflinching honesty and examines the nature of risk, consequence, and the unlikely manifestations of reward.

Cory Richards work is a genre destroying collection that grew form adventure, expanded into climate change, explores archeology and natural history, dives into conflict, and ultimately leaves us at our own door step asking us "how can we be better...and how can we appreciate who we are?"


An explorer and visual storyteller, Cory Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012. A high school drop-out at 14 to summiting Everest without oxygen, his life has followed an irregular arc. His camera has taken him from the controlled and complex studio to the wild and remote corners of the world, from the unclimbed peaks of Antarctica to the Himalaya of Nepal to the forgotten war zones of Africa and the Middle East —all in an attempt to capture not only the soul of exploration but also the paradoxes and surprising similarities inherent in our human family…..
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Cory Richards
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ORT: 12 - Stadttheater Olten
Frohburgstr. 1, 4600 Olten, Lageplan…
RAUM: Theatersaal
DATUM: Donnerstag, 29.08.19
BEGINN: 19:30 Uhr
DAUER: ca 2 Stunden
SPRACHE: English

PLACE: 12 -  Stadttheater Olten
Frohburgstr. 1, 4600 Olten, festival locations…
ROOM: Theatersaal, Room 01
DATE: Thursday, August 29th, 2019
START: 7:30 pm
DURATION: approx. 2 h

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