Lars Boering was born 1969 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He studied Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. From 1998 he was curator and later managing director of the Amsterdam Art Foundation, buying photography for their large collection.

In 2008 Boering became an independent advisor and entrepreneur in photography and founded Lux Photo Gallery. He has advised photographers about funding and business opportunities, and has worked with several partners in the publishing and advertising businesses.

As managing director of the Dutch Photographers’ association (FotografenFederatie) from 2010 to 2014, Boering advised photographers on copyright issues and entrepreneurial skills. He was appointed managing director of World Press Photo from January 2015.

He has taught at master classes and academies, and has been involved as curator for festivals, museums, publishing houses and other institutions, producing artwork and exhibitions for them. In 2010 Boering co-founded the 'advanced story telling' master class at where he still teaches.

Lars Boering lives in Amsterdam with his wife, two sons and a daughter.